Our parks support over 80,000 businesses and over 720 bn RMB in transactions each year.
800,000 registered members, over 3 million SKUs, over 5000 industry benchmark hardware buyers.
Our payment capabilities place us in the top 10% of Chinese e-commerce platforms.
Our cities are located in China’s special economic zones and top industry clusters.


China’s hardware goods market is undergoing impressive growth, outperforming the country’s often lauded GDP. Hardware and machinery imports are set to grow at a rate of 7.3% and expected to reach US$1.05 trillion in 2018 (National Bureau of Statistics). This demand presents a huge opportunity for quality European suppliers and manufacturers to enter the Chinese market.
CSC International is ready to take your brand and products to market and access China’s industrial hardware goods buyers.

Join our Top Brands

Join our worldwide renowned brands and establish a name for your product in China! We seek to help high quality European hardware manufacturers correctly brand and market their products to access the China’s large industry customer base.

In Partnership with one of the World’s Top e-commerce Companies

D is China’s top e-commerce platform by revenue and member of the Fortune Global 500. Utilizing their technological advantage along with our offline resources, we are set to build China’s number 1 wholesale hardware goods platform.

Get Your Products in Front of Top Chinese Hardware Industry Buyers

We design, brand and translate a marketing campaign which may include but is not limited to hardware events, trade shows, forums, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) across multiple key Chinese search engines.


Our nationwide industry parks and online trading platform support tens of thousands of businesses and billions of dollars in industry trade flows each year. CSC International is primed and proven to get your hardware brand/products in the eyes of industry buyers. We provide a low cost, low risk, low hassle service and begin generating high customer exposure from day one.


We form a strategic cooperation agreement to manage all aspects of your China business within the period based on pre-agreed sales commission.
We then market your products in China through our online platform and feed subsequent orders to your factory.
You ship the goods to the designated port.
Our international team gives regular updates, paying in your local/preferred currency.
Put simply: We provide low hassle, low cost access to the world’s largest market, providing an additional revenue stream to your business, reducing warehousing pressure and creating a brand presence in China.

Supplier Benefits

Access to a localized pool of industry specific wholesale buyers and see an increase in product inquiries and orders.

Buyer Benefits

Easy, transparent bulk purchase model addresses major pain points in the procurement cycle, reducing downstream costs and lead times.


Necessities such as trademark registration, the China Compulsory Certificate and other certifications can be applied for online through the relevant bureaus at a very reasonable administrational cost. In the interest of transparent pricing (one of the goals of our platform) we will provide an itemized receipt for all registration costs in English along with our service fee.
Our legal team will complete the process for you, taking all possible steps to ensure IP protection and trademarks your brand. It will take around 3 months to complete this process, allowing your product to be legally marketed, sold and protected in China.


If you would like to understand more, we will pleased to arrange an email, telephone or skype consultation. We would also love to invite you to a site tour of any of our wholesale cities, including our e-commerce offices and hardware industry events.

Email: Benfray@csc-ec.com

Office Hours: 9-5:30 Mon-Fri (Sat) (UTC+8)

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